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D'Addario Clamp-On Violin Tuner

D'Addario Clamp-On Violin Tuner

This is one of my favorite violin accessories to use and is the best clamp-on violin tuner you can buy!! My fiddle teacher has this little contraption on her violin and I am so glad I have one now too. The D’Addario Violin Tuner has an adjustable clamp that attaches right to the body of my violin and has a swivel head for ease of viewing. The screen lights up red for “flat or sharp”, yellow for “almost there”, and green for “good to go.” It also displays the letter name of the string or note you are trying to tune and is very responsive. There are five buttons on top that perform various functions.


1) The circle with the line is on/off.

2) The circular arrows turn the screen upside down so you can use this tuner in either direction.

3) The right and left arrows adjust the Hertz from 410Hz - 480Hz or the tempo while using the metronome function from 20bpm - 270bpm.

4) The “M” button turns the tuner into a silent metronome that blinks in time.

This is a pretty neat little machine. The fact that is doubles as a tuner AND a metronome is awesome and it attaches right to your instrument leaving your hands free and ready to tune at a moment’s notice. Plus, it’s only $15 on Amazon. I highly recommend this accessory to my students and musician friends and it makes a great gift for the student or professional musician in your life!!

Dallas Strings

Dallas Strings